Ever considered reverse osmosis?

It’s the 21st century… Ever considered reverse osmosis?

It’s part of our everyday lives. We open a tap and expect clean water without question and when we close the tap, we generally don’t give it a second thought.

But what’s in tap water? Can you trust it simply because it “looks” clean?

Being a curious little sod as well as an avid water drinker, I started doing some research about tap water a few years ago and found some shocking articles suggesting the quality of drinking water was going bad all over the country.

Since then, I have constantly researched the matter and similar stories often surface suggesting the same thing. Conversely, government only acknowledge the problem when they have no other choice yet insist that for the most part, we still have a high pedigree of drinking water.

But I think government’s shooting at the wrong target here. Is it really the end of the world for them to admit there’s a problem?

In reality, I believe the best government could hope for is to deliver water that won’t kill us. Sounds harsh but the reality is, we drink and cook with a very small amount of water compared to the quantity we use to wash our dishes and clothes, take a shower and water the garden, etc. If you consider the process water goes through to be cleansed and purified, it doesn’t make sense for government to deliver that quality of water so that you can wash clothes or spray it into the ground.

Add to that the rate at which the world’s population is booming and I think it’s understandable that demand is exceeding supply.

Truth is, most people have intuitively decided against tap water and turned to bottled water. It’s supposedly clean and convenient but I’m not so sure I buy into that either. Don’t get me wrong, I have spent more than my kids’ college fund on bottled water but that’s exactly the problem. It comes with a hefty price tag compared to tap water and the truth is the industry is poorly regulated at best. We simply assume that what’s in there is good for us too (a blog post for another time).

But here’s a reality check. It’s the 21st century. We have wireless cellphones and electric cars. We’ve moved from the industrial age to the information and technology age. Why don’t we take charge of the situation? Surely the technology allows for it?

Being a business owner, I have always had one of those water coolers in my office with the big bottle on top. We all know what I’m talking about. It’s one of the first things I did when I moved into my first office but one day I got seriously frustrated. I won’t mention the company but when my water didn’t arrive again and I decided that’s it. So I got onto Google and by chance, found a little company called Waterboys who claimed to have a solution to my problem. Their answer was reverse osmosis.

I won’t bore you with the technical detail but the concept works around pushing water through a series of filters so small that eventually all you’re left with is pure H2O. The process was refined as scientists tried to remove salt from sea water and eventually succeeded.

Figuring I had nothing to lose, I had a dispenser installed at my office. It looks like your usual dispenser except it doesn’t have a bottle on top and it connects directly to your water supply.

Having tried it for a month, I found it to be superior on the following basis:

  1. I used to pay per bottle of water and as my staff compliment grew, it became quite expensive. Now because we used our own water supply, our cost is capped at the monthly rental price.
  2. Using the old system, sometimes the water I ordered wouldn’t arrive on time and we were stuck with no water. Problem solved because we use our own water supply.
  3. Using the old system, someone had to invariably replace the empty bottle with a full bottle. If I didn’t do it, the ladies in my office certainly weren’t going to. No bottles, no fuss.
  4. Being that I had a small office, I had nowhere to store the empty bottles. It can become quite a sight for sore eyes toward the end of the month. No bottles, no fuss.

It can potentially sound too good to be true but really, we’re talking about a water dispenser not a cure for cancer.

A few months later, I bought Waterboys and I’ve never looked back since. The client base is steadily growing and we still have a record in tact that I am very proud of – In 18 months, we have not had a client cancel on us.

So I ask you again… Does it still make sense for someone to deliver your drinking water to you in the 21st century?


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